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Test systems
Our test systems are customer-specific installations and systems.
These systems are developed according to the customer's requirements from the specification to the start of production.
We are in a position to deliver complete systems including the construction engineering, mechanics, electronics and the computer technique.
The following projects have been realized for well-known customers:
Diode test systems with handling units for bulk productions
  Diode tester with Zener voltage class selection
  Automatic diode tester for reverse leakage current measurements
    in the nA range
  Automatic burn-in tester for power diodes with handling units
            Product sheet (german)
  Test system for thermal fatigue of power semiconductors
            Product sheet (german)
  Endurance test unit for motorcar alternator controllers
            Product sheet (german)
  Small control system for laboratory technique with operator guidance
  Automatic test system for miniature transformers
  Endurance test units for motorcar windscreen wiper motors
            Product sheet (german)           Movie
  Optical inspection of serial parts by means of camera system and
    handling unit
Grimm Zuführtechnik GmbH & Co.KG Feeding and automatization
  Robert Bosch GmbH Motorcar equipment
  Valeo Auto-Electric GmbH Motorcar equipment
  BDK Luft- und Reinraumtechnik GmbH    Cleanroom technique
  Winema Maschinenbau GmbH Rotary indexing machines
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